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Livvy King

Contemporary Artist

Livvy King is a British contemporary artist based in London. She has had a keen interest in the human form and its movement, developing her style through own exploration and courses such as drawing from life with the English National Ballet in 2018 and 2020.

Livvy uses personal experiences to inject emotion into her paintings, meaning each piece of work has an individual story behind it. Her more recent work has been influenced heavily from her time working as a respiratory physiotherapist on ICU, in a central London hospital.

Her main medium is ink, in which she explores colours and techniques to capture the desired mood for each piece. More recently Livvy has been adding mixed media to her dancers to capture the movement of fabric and has also been experimenting acrylic paint, producing studies of nudes in vibrant colour.


Mirrored Anatomies- Anatomical Art Exhibition 2nd February 2020.

Part of Parallax Art Fair at Kensington Town Hall, London, 15th-17th February 2019.

From the 26th August- 5th October 2018 Livvy displayed her work in the London UCH Street Gallery Art Exhibition.

In 2016 Livvy won the 2D Art Award at the Art in Lyddington Exhibition and her work is now exhibiting at 'Tactile' in Leicestershire (, 'B-Jewellery' in Wellingborough ( as well as on Facebook and Instagram under LivvyKingArt.

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“Art is not emotion. Art is the medium in which emotion is expressed.” - Nadia Boulanger